Hi! We're designstor.

We create renderings and animations of buildings before they’re built (and we make them look amazing).

We have some great ideas for how to present, market, promote and visualize your building or space. We are a close group of designers, communicators, entrepreneurs, facilitators, dreamers and friends. We use computers, but we also use our eyes, senses, artistic abilities and knowledge to create images and animations that are beautiful and memorable.

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Do you do animations?

The short answer is “yes” and the next shortest answer is “yes and we’re amazing at them."

Animations, virtual tours, fly-throughs, 360 spins—whatever you want to call them—they are moving stories of yet-to-be-inhabited environments. See some of our best in the designstor demo reel.

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What about Interactive?

At the risk of repeating ourselves…yes!

Interactive work—touch screens, video walls, projector displays, hardware specification and supply—is all handled in-house. We listen to your goals, provide direction and often dare to dream “wouldn’t it be cool if” scenarios that unite seemingly disparate technologies into a coherent whole. We design, specify, implement and manage hardware, and create or facilitate the content that makes them sing.

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Now hear this.

We have some things to say.

Sometimes they are interesting, sometimes they are informative. More often than not they are funny and they frequently include pictures. Join the queue and find out for yourself.